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'If There is Light, it Will Find You' Tour

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I headed out to Mesa on Wednesday night to check out Have Mercy and Senses Fail play to a very sold out Nile Theater on their second night of tour.

Have Mercy

Have Mercy are touring with their most recent album, Make the Best of it, that was released in April of 2017. Their set was personable, genuine, and a whole lot of fun. While vocalist Brian Swindle couldn't give us any details on the matter, it's safe to say that we should be expecting a headline tour from them in the near future. If there is one thing that I know for sure it's that this band loves playing in Arizona, and Arizona loves watching them play right back.

Senses Fail

The second Senses Fail walked out on to the stage there was a massive shift forward in the pit, everyone wanting to get just that much closer to the music. From note one, this crowd was fired up, it was the fastest i've ever seen a mosh pit start up.

The band is touring with new drummer Steve Carey, who you probably know from The Color Morale, seemed genuinely stoked to be playing. They all did. These guys are obviously experienced stage performers, constantly moving around and engaging the entire room.

It may be just the second night of tour, but I don't see this energy going anywhere. This is a tour full of people who love what they do. I watched a lot of sets from the back of the room and every time I would see several members of the other bands watching and supporting their tour mates.

Be sure to check out Senses Fail and Have Mercy on the rest of the If There Is Light, It Will Find You tour with Reggie and the Full Effect and Household.

Originally published on The Odyssey Online

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