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Moose Blood at The Nile

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Moose Blood is finishing up their North American tour with Lydia. They've been on the road since early in March and rolled through for a show in Mesa on March 31st.

Phoenix is hometown for Lydia, an indie rock band consisting of Leighton Antelman, Matt Keller, and Shawn Strader.

These guys are seasoned performers and seemed so comfortable back on their hometown stage.


  1. When It Gets Dark Out

  2. Riverman

  3. Hospital

  4. Goodside

  5. Ms. Jackson

  6. Knee Deep

  7. This Is Twice Now

  8. Do You Remember

  9. Past Life

Moose Blood, a pop-punk band from England comprised of Eddy Brewerton, Mark E. Osborne, Kyle Todd, and Lee Munday, have been creating some major buzz over the past few years.

The crowd at this show didn't miss a single word. There were several moments when the band would take a step back from their microphones to just listen to the crowd sing along to the songs they work so hard to create. The photo crew even had a moment were we put down all of our cameras and just stared in awe at the strong bond between the band and their fans.


  1. Honey

  2. Talk In Your Sleep

  3. Bukowski

  4. Glow

  5. You Left In The Worst Way

  6. Gum

  7. Pups

  8. Cherry

  9. Pastel

  10. Just Outside

  11. I Hope You're Missing Me

  12. Sway

  13. Have I Told You Enough

  14. Swim Down

  15. Shimmer

  16. Can We Stay Like This

  17. Knuckles

  18. It's Too Much

The North American tour will continue through April 19th, be sure not to miss them in your city!

Check out Lydia's music on Spotify and Apple Music:



Check out Moose Blood's music on Spotify and Apple Music:



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