• Jessica Wear

STRFKR at The Van Buren

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

STRFKR, an indie rock/electronica quartet from Portland, are right in the middle of their 2018 North American tour with Reptaliens. I headed out to the Phoenix date to photograph some of the psychedelics.

Josh Hodges, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for the group, multitasking with percussion, guitar, and keyboards.

Kell Corcoran holding down percussion and second vocals.

They made The Van Buren into a cityscape of their own.

Anyone else getting Willie Wonka vibes yet?

Purposefully and playfully staring into the lens: Josh, Shawn, and off camera Kell, all make the scene feel surreal.

Shawn Glassford on bass guitar in front of some impressive stage lighting.

Check out STRFKR'S latest music here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Tz1DTzVJ5Gyh8ZwVr6ekU?autoplay=true

Originally published with The Odyssey Online

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