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The Front Bottoms

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

This musically diverse tour brought together music lovers from all over the valley- the line outside started forming in the early hours of the day and stretched all the way out of the venue parking lot and down the block. It was going to be a great night, we all knew it.

Bad Bad Hats, an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, brought out a quirky, fun, atmospheric vibe to start off the show. The female-fronted trio seemed to be quite a pleasant surprise for the already packed venue, many of who were hearing this band for the first time that night. Their first full length album, Psychic Reader, was released in 2015 and a little digging through their twitter account hinted that we should be expecting some new releases by next year.

Basement, a rock band from the U.K., takes the stage and jumps right in to the first song. Despite the lack of introduction, the first not sounds and the crowd goes crazy. These guys are letting their music do all the talking, and the fans are responding enthusiastically. Their presence was simultaneously compelling and withdrawn, intriguing everyone in the room. I even found myself singing along to songs I didn't realize that I knew the words to instead of focusing on my photo set.

The Front Bottoms, a duo from New Jersey, have been categorized as 'alt rock', but their sound really transcends the confines of traditional genre lines. It's danceable, it's dark, it's quirky, it's charming. It's a sound that's purely theirs. They have been touring around the country following the release of their new studio album, Going Grey, and this a tour that absolutely no one should miss out on. I got to see them play a pretty small acoustic set at a record store earlier on in the day and it was such an intimate set that I was worried a lot of their personality was going to be lost when they transitioned to a larger venue. Boy, was I wrong. They somehow made this venue packed full of people feel just as connected to the performance as the group of 30 or 40 fans had been at the record store.

(Originally published with The Odyssey Online)

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