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The Peace and the Panic Tour

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Neck Deep and Creeper drew in a crowd more hyped for a punk show than I have seen in a long time. Just when my faith in the music crowd in Phoenix was beginning to waver, these guys came through and restored my confidence in the music enthusiasts in the city. They still know how to handle a pit. I'll remember not to doubt them.

Creeper, a band from the UK categorized as 'theatrical punk' is said to be one of 2018 new bands to watch. Their instrumentals are reminiscent of pretty traditional punk from the 2000's with vocals so stunning they are easily comparable to the skill of classically trained Broadway singers. In 2017, they won Rock Sound's 'Best British Breakthrough' award, and from the looks of it, you'll be hearing their name a whole lot more in 2018.

Neck Deep, a very prominent band in the pop-punk scene, are touring following the release of their latest album, 'The Peace and the Panic' in August. The album is a thematically and structurally different release than have been released in the past. Often making such a creative risk and switching up an established sound is not well received, but I think that this was exactly what the band needed. Not only was the album hugely successful, the band's live performance has advanced in both stage presence and confidence musically. The album took a significant time of struggle and turned it into a celebration of life - that is no easy feat.

(Originally published with The Odyssey Online)

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