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The Used

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

The Used recently wrapped up their fall tour with Glassjaw celebrating the release of their 7th studio album, The Canyon.

As soon as frontman Bert McKracken took command of the stage in Phoenix the entire crowd visibly shifted forward, roaring with excitement, in an attempt to get just that much closer to the music. In front of a stage-wide white curtain projecting the silhouettes of the remaining three members and their instruments: Jeph Howard on bass, Dan Whitesides on drums, and Justin Shekoski on guitar, Bert continued to encourage the highly responsive crowd to continue their applause. The curtain was dropped with the first notes of their opening song of choice, Take It Away, revealing the impressive staging gear that striped beams of light across the room.

The rest of the show was no less energetic. The band played from old crowd favorites, like The Taste of Ink and Pretty Handsome Awkward, as well as an impressive number of songs from their fairly lengthy new album to a nearly sold out venue. They even brought out a performance of Maybe Memories for their fervently demanded encore. Watch out, Europe. They're headed your way next and this show is not to be missed.

The Canyon, the first release we've seen from the band in three years, is packed to the brim with seventeen tracks of heart-wrenching themes and musical innovation that will leave you a daze. Every piece of this album is purely and purposefully poetic.

Download/Listen to The Canyon HERE:

Itunes: http://smarturl.it/TheCanyonIT

Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TheCanyonSpotify

Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/TheCanyonAM

(Originally published with The Odyssey Online)

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